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You can check your payment status and make the following payments by entering the appropriate reference number in the field to the left:

  • Tax Invoices – enter your numerical Invoice Number
  • Account Balance – enter your numerical Account Number to check whether you have any amount owing on your account and pay the total amount as at today's date.

    You may incur late payment penalties if you do not pay an Individual Tax Invoice within 28 calendar days.

Please refer to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website for additional information on what each payment status means, how to pay, read your invoice, fees and charges that may apply, and terms and conditions.

Please allow two hours to receive copies of Invoices, Statements and Receipts as they do not get transmitted instantly upon request.

Please note: The Department moved to a new Financial Management Information System on 1 July 2018. This introduced some changes to the way invoices are displayed. There are currently limitations to what information appears on invoices received via the ‘Email Invoice’ function on this page. While these issues are being rectified, clients may request invoice copies by contacting 1800 647 531 or emailing ARHelpDesk@agriculture.gov.au.